I’m sitting here pondering the upcoming NBA season and I’m left thinking, we the fans will be watching the same teams battling it out again…minus the Spurs, who just seem too old to make another run. I expect either the Warriors or Clippers to fill that spot in the west coast finals against the Grizzlies. The winner of the west will be the team that’s playing the hottest. I don’t see any one team of the four(LAC, MEM, GS, OKC) with an outright advantage in the western conference. The Clippers, Grizzlies and Golden State are all youngish teams with great talent and depth and with a breakout season from one their stars could make some troubles for the eastern conference in the finals. I don’t give D Howard any credit to lead a team to a finals…he’s a whiner not a winner. As per the Thunder, we all know they will never win a championship until R Westbrook learns that he plays with the best scorer in the game. The Heat are once again the team to beat in the eastern conference with the Pacers and Bulls on their heels. And as far as the Nets go, they look good on paper, but they added players about 4yrs too late in their careers to win a championship. The Bulls success relies on D Rose’s recovery and his ability to fit in with what turned into a good playoff style team. The Heat made what I think was a move to contain or at least try to contain R Hibbert (who I believe was the playoff breakout star, even more so than P George) by signing G Oden. Now maybe I’m biased being an Indiana boy, but I think if any team is going to beat the Heat in the playoffs it will be the Pacers. With the addition of a better back up point guard in CJ Watson, more help down low with A Scalia and the 3pt shooting of C Copeland will open up the paint for Hibs…plus the return of D Granger creates a scary team. Lets not count out the champs though, Lebron James proved that he IS ready to take the game by the balls and take over when needed in the playoffs.

Loon Loon

If your response to the tragedy of Friday was, “we need more ‘god’ in our schools”…then what you’re actually saying is, “because we’ve taken ‘god’ out of our schools, ‘god’ murdered those 20 children and 7 adults”…I don’t see how one could see it any different. That vengeful ‘god’ so many speak of is why I don’t drink the kool-aid. Until we as a people stop following archaic rules and place more emphasis on the underlying themes of said works of writings. ‘Works of writing’ that is all these bygone books are…they are not the ‘answer to life’. I remember a time when things seemed better in this country, but I also understand the concept of ‘nostalgia’ and how that relates to people holding past times as dear to our heart whilst forgetting the ills of past times. Sure, the 80’s were great for me, I’m from a middle-class white family. As an adult I’ve come to understand how difficult the 80’s may have been for a child born into poverty or to a drug addicted parent, which both go hand in hand way more often than it should. I don’t claim to hold the answers to any problem, but I do know that retreating into books written over 600 years ago about a time a over a thousand years before is not the answer. The only thing I can think of is a constant dialogue of the issues that affect or concern you as an individual. And OPEN your mind people to the advancements we as a human race have accomplished. There is now more information available at our fingertips than was ever available in any library at any time in history. Ideas people, that is what makes us special and individual. Make your own.